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Examination items

Examination items by course

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  Outpatient course Brain course A Regular health checkup A Regular health checkup B
Lifestyle diseases related Patient questionnaire, physician examination
Physical measurements Physical measurements (height, weight, standard weight, obesity level, BMI, waistline) All except waistline All except waistline
Respiratory systems Blood pressure
Liver Protein total, albumin, A/G ratio    
Bilirubin total, AST, ALT  
Choline esterase, LDH    
γ-GTP, ALP  
Pancreas Amylase    
Lipids Cholesterol total, HDL cholesterol  
LDL cholesterol  
Neutral fat  
Gout Uric acid  
Glycometabolism (glucose tolerance test) Blood sugar and glucose in urine on empty stomach Only blood sugar Only glucose in urine
Blood sugar and glucose in sugar at 60 mins        
Blood sugar and glucose in sugar at 120 mins        
Bone density test Sonic bone test scores, YAM      
Respiratory systems test Chest x-ray test Bidirectional   Unidirectional Unidirectional
Lung capacity, lung capacity ratio, 1 second capacity, 1 second ratio (lung function examination)      
Gastrointestinal tract examination Stomach x-ray examination      
Fecal occult blood (2-day method)      
Hepatitis virus HBs antigens, HCV antibodies      
Syphilis RPR, TPHA      
Ultrasound examination Upper abdominal ultrasound examination      
Kidney Urine specific gravity Specific gravity      
Urinary qualitative analysis Occult blood, protein, urobilinogen  
Urinary sediment RBC, WBC, squamous epithelium, hyaline cast, bacteria      
Blood serum Creatinine  
Urea nitrogen    
Complete blood count   RBC, WBC, hemoglobin content, Ht, platelets  
Indices MCH, MCV, MCHC    
Blood profile Neutrophil, eosinophil, basophil, monocyte, lymphocyte    
Inflammatory reaction CRP, RA    
Blood type Type ABO, Type Rh (only at initial visit to physician)      
Ophthalmology Eyesight Uncorrected eyesight (corrected eyesight)  
Ocular pressure, fundus Ocular pressure, fundus (change due to high blood pressure, change due to arterial sclerosis)      
Ear nose and throat (ENT) Audiology Audiological test (audiometer)   Option
Optional tests Cervical cancer examination Option      
Cervical cancer, endometrial cancer examination      
Breast cancer examination      
Prostate cancer examination (only males)      
Sputum cytology      
Brain course B (MRI, MRA)    
Carotid artery ultrasound examination (if added to Brain Course B)    
Esophago gastro duodenoscopy      
Tumor marker      
Helicobacter pylori antibody examination      
Gastropepsinogen examination      
Lung cancer examination (small dose chest CT examination)      
Forgetfulness examination      
Amino index (AICS) examination      
Cardiac function examination      
Thyroid function examination      
Bone metabolism marker      
Human Papilloma Virus examination (HPV)      
Allergy examination      
Brain infarction risk marker      
Simplified sleep apnea examination (SAS)      

Description of optional examinations

Optional examinations for each medical dock course is updated.

Brain course B Explanation of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and MRA (magnetic resonance angiography) results
Carotid artery ultrasound examination Arterial sclerosis examination (possible to add this option to Brain Course B)
Cervical cancer examination Internal examination, cervix cytology, transvaginal ultrasound examination
Cervical cancer, endometrial cancer examination When adding cytology examination to cervical cancer examination
Breast cancer examination Breast ultrasound examination, mammography examination (breast x-ray imaging)
Prostate cancer examination PSA measurements (blood draw examination)
Mental health medical dock course Mental health check including stress level (can be an individual examination)
Sputum cytology Lung cancer examination by your sputum
Tumor marker (blood draw examination, three items plan) CEA (colo rectal cancer, others), CA19-9 (pancreatic cancer, others), AFP (liver cancer, others)
Esophago gastro duodenoscopy When gastroendoscopy examination is selected in lieu of stomach x-ray examination
Helicobacter pylori antibody examination Helicobacter pylori contamination presence measurement (blood draw examination)
Gastropepsinogen examination Investigate atrophy of gastric membrane and indirect carcinogenic probability (blood draw examination)
Lung cancer examination Small dose chest CT examination
Forgetfulness examination Examination to check the level of forgetfulness and cognitive functions
Amino index (AICS) examination Analyze balance of amino acid concentration in blood and evaluate cancer risks (blood draw examination)
Cardiac function examination We measure the hormones (BNP) that increase when there is stress on the heart and when there is hypertrophy of the cardiac muscles. This facilitates early detection of mild cardiac failures and cardiac diseases.
Thyroid function examination We measure value of hormones in blood secreted from the thyroid, and investigate the thyroid function.
Bone metabolism marker Bone destroys old bones (bone absorption) and create new bones (bone formation), which is a bone metabolism cycle. This bone metabolism is used to investigate the matter in order to learn about bone density changes in the future.
Human Papilloma Virus examination (HPV) This is a cytology examination to investigate the presence of contamination by human papilloma virus (HPV) which is described as a cause of cervical cancer. When this examination is combined with cervical cancer examination, effectiveness supposedly improves. (This examination can be added to cervical cancer examination.)
Allergy examination This is an examination to investigate matter that is the cause of allergy (36 items in total).
Brain infarction risk marker This is an examination to search the possibility of microstrokes. We measure 2 types of inflammatory markers and acrolein which rises in the blood when cells are damaged by microstrokes.
Simplified sleep apnea examination (SAS) We investigate the presence of apnea during sleep and risks for cardiac diseases and cerebrovascular damages. (We loan out the machine on the day prior to your medical dock appointment date.)


Basic course

Outpatient medical dock course JPY49,500
Brain course A JPY66,000
Regular health checkup A JPY4,400
Regular health checkup B JPY11,628
Physical examination for employment JPY11,550

*Cervical cancer and breast cancer testing can be performed as a separate test.

*We have members pricing for persons who are members of Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan.

Optional tests

Brain course B JPY33,000
Carotid artery ultrasound examination JPY6,600
Cervical cancer examination JPY6,600
Cervical cancer, endometrial cancer examination JPY8,580
Breast cancer examination JPY10,450
Prostate cancer examination JPY4,400
Mental health medical dock course JPY4,400
Sputum cytology JPY3,300
Tumor marker JPY6,600
Esophago gastro duodenoscopy endoscopy JPY3,300
Helicobacter pylori antibody examination JPY1,320
Gastropepsinogen examination JPY4,400
Lung cancer examination (small dose chest CT examination) JPY16,500
Forgetfulness examination JPY5,500
Amino index (AICS) examination JPY25,300
Cardiac function examination JPY2,750
Thyroid function examination JPY9,900
Bone metabolism marker JPY4,400
Human Papilloma Virus examination (HPV) JPY5,500
Allergy examination JPY16,500
Brain infarction risk marker JPY14,300
Simplified sleep apnea examination (SAS) JPY7,700

Physician's examination procedure

  1. All health checkups are by appointment. Please call (Health checkups medical center, direct dial: +81-3-5605-8822) or make appointments directly at one of our desk.
  2. Testing is done only in the mornings.
  3. In the afternoon, physicians give an explanation of interim results and advice on healthy living.
  4. We will send you a report on the final results (some tests are done offsite). If you have any questions, please call us.

How to make an appointment

Hospital appointments are only by appointment. Please make appointments by telephone or directly at one of our desk.

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For making a reservation
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