Out patient services

On emergency outpatient

Emergency outpatient

ambulance Emergency medicine is organized into primary emergency medical care (persons who do not require hospitalization), secondary emergency medical care (persons who require hospitalization or surgery), and tertiary emergency medical care (patients with severe symptoms and persons who need advanced and specialized medical care systems), and each medical institution has its role and provides care to their patients. The emergency section of our hospital is designated as secondary emergency hospital, and at weekends and nights our physicians from internal medicine system medical department, surgery system medical department, pediatrics, and cardiovascular system medical department are providing care.

On receiving a physician's examination

If you have any questions or concerns or anything you do not understand when receiving care at our hospital, please do not hesitate to ask.

If you wish to receive care from our emergency outpatient
If you wish to receive care from our emergency outpatient, please telephone us in advance. Our emergency outpatient nurse will check your symptoms and such, and assist you.
TEL: +81-3-5605-8811 (pilot number), emergency outpatient
Emergency outpatient entrance

Emergency outpatient entrance, map

If you are here for emergency outpatient, please use the emergency outpatient entrance and not the front entrance.

Emergency outpatient entrance, map

Please note:

  • When somebody with severe symptoms is transported to us by ambulance, as we give priority to patients in a severe condition, you may have to wait longer.
  • Because patients with severe symptoms are given priority, we may sometimes not be able to see you even if you come to our hospital.
  • In the case of illness that does not require emergency medicine, please understand that we will ask you to return during normal examination hours.
  • The physician on duty will examine you, but this physician may not be a specialist as what we are providing is emergency medical action.
  • Should we determine that we cannot handle your symptoms, or depending on our availability at the time of your visit, we may have to direct you to another hospital for care.

Pediatrics and obstetrics/gynecology

  • * Pediatrics care is provided for 24hours a day, 365 days a year. We also provide secondary emergency pediatrics care at weekends and nights.
  • * Emergency outpatient care for obstetrics/gynecology will only see patients who are currently under the care of our obstetrics/gynecology department. Please note that we do not offer emergency care to first-time patients.