Hospital services

Patient's rights and obligations

Patient's rights

Photo Persons who seek medical care at our hospital have the right to receive medical treatment with dignity under our philosophy of Patient First Medicine. Our institution protects the following rights of our patient and provides medical care that respects the wishes and plans of our patients.

  1. All persons, no matter their illness, will be respected as a person and for his/her/their values and have the right to receive quality and equitable medical care from our medical service providers who will work together with our patients.
  2. Patient has the right to select his/her/their method of medical treatment upon a full explanation in easy to understand terms and ways until he/she/they can understand the illness, examinations, treatments, prospects, and so on.
  3. Patient has the right to have his/her/their personal information that is obtained by the hospital during care to be protected by confidentiality, and to have his/her/their private stays at the hospital to be not known to or misused by other persons.
  4. Patient has the right to decide whether to receive medical care that still is in the research stages after the patient has received a full explanation on the purpose and risks, and to refuse this medical care at any time without a drawback.

Request for our patients

Photo Medical care is a joint effort that is based on trust between the patient and us medical service providers, and we believe that the patient needs to be involved actively in our care. We therefore ask for the following so that we may provide quality and safe medical care to our patients.

  1. Please do your best to provide accurate information on patient health to the medical services provider including to our physicians so that we may provide quality medicine.
  2. If you are unable to understand any explanations on medical care, please do not hesitate to ask questions so you may understand the care.
  3. Please do not disrupt the treatment of our other patients and medical care services by hospital staffs so that our patients can receive appropriate medical care.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse treatment when there is yelling and other behavior such as physical violence, and we may call or report such events to the police.
  5. Please do pay for the medical fees that are incurred for the medical care you receive.
  6. This is a teaching hospital, as such hospital residents as well as others including medical students, nursing students, and paramedics will be undergoing practical training.