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Rooftop garden, coin-operated laundry room, vending machines
Patient beds
Patient beds
Patient beds
Patient beds
Operation room, ICU, hospital director's office, hospital doctor's room, administration department
Outpatient, physiological laboratory, clinical laboratory, endoscopy room, mental health review room, speech and audiology room, outpatient chemotherapy room, rehabilitation room, Medical Health Center
Outpatient, emergency outpatient, central blood collection room, radiology, medical affairs section, Medical Health Center, welfare service help desk, community medicine outreach, nursing and nutrition helpdesk, restaurants, store, disaster prevention center, ATM and vending machines area, coin-operated lockers, public telephone, infant nursing room
Radiation treatment room, Medical Health Center, central stockroom, nutrition, pharmacology, mortuary, energy center

Our buildings are of seismic isolation structure.

Seismic isolation structure is proofing to reduce the impact of swaying due to earthquake by placing the building on an antiseismic platform (laminated rubber bearings, oiled dampers, etc.).


Countermeasures for liquefaction are in place.

We were doing soil stabilization to 35m of underground of our hospital, and this hospital can function as an emergency medical care site in an earthquake or during disaster situations.

Our hospital buildings are certified as safe and disaster-proofed.

Our hospital buildings are certified as excellently fireproofed by Tokyo Metropolitan Fire Department Agency - Kasai Fire Department.

* Horizontal Scrolling
Location Item Business hours, services, etc.
1F Convenience store All day 7:30AM~7:30PM
Restaurant Weekdays 8AM~7PM (last orders taken at 6:30PM)
2nd and 4th Saturdays 8AM~5PM (last orders taken at 4:30PM)
* 1st, 3rd, 5th Saturdays, Sundays, Holiday, year-end/-beginning holidays, business closed
Vending machines ① Outpatient escalator (down)
Drinks, soft drinks, newspapers, paper diapers, inpatient package, postsurgery package, and other items are sold here.
② Front of off-hours entrance
Soft drinks
Coin-operated lockers Outpatient escalator (down)
Requires JPY 100 coin but coin is returned after use.
Cable TV access card purchasing machine Next to automated accounting machine on 1F
Cable TV access card payment machine Next to automated accounting machine on 1F
Mizuho Bank ATM ・Mizuho Bank
Weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, Holiday 8AM~8PM
・Other banks (post office bank, others)
Weekdays 8AM~8PM
Saturdays, Sundays, Holiday 9AM~5PM
* Available everyday, except 1/1~1/3
Public telephone (available at 2 locations) ① Next to reception window no 1. ② Front of off-hours entrance, next to vending machine
Patient beds Cable TV access card purchasing machine Day room of each ward
Cable TV access card payment machine Day room for Ward 5B
Public telephone Available on 5F (elevator banks, blue corridor side)
8F Coin-operated laundry room Washing machines and dryers are available.
JPY100 coins and cable TV access cards can be used here.
・Usage hours
All day 8AM~8PM
* This room is locked during off-hours.
Vending machines Soft drinks
Rooftop garden ・Usage hours
October~March 8AM~5PM
April~September 8AM~6PM
* This room is locked during off-hours.
* This room may not be opened or will be opened at alternate hours in bad weather.

All premises of our hospital are non-smoking zones.

Health Promotions Act which prescribes obligations on passive smoking measures was introduced on May 1, 2003, and this law sets forth that "Anybody who runs a facility used by many persons such as hospitals, schools, and theaters must work on implementing necessary measures to prevent passive smoking (to be made to inhale the smoke of other people's tabacco when indoors or in a similar environment) by persons who use this facility".

We put health first as one of our missions as we are a healthcare institution, and as such all premises of this hospital are designated as non-smoking zones.

We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.

On usage of telecommunication equipment such as mobile telephones

Please use mobile telephones (for calling, for emailing and texting) in only the designated areas.

Where they can be used: Where they may not be used:
Front entrance area lobby, outpatient waiting area for each specialty, elevator banks on each floor, club room, 8F floor map, hospital beds (private patient rooms) Examination rooms, treatment rooms, testing rooms, operation rooms, ICU, patient bed areas (shared patient rooms)
  • * When using such equipment, please have consideration for others.
  • * Please refrain from inconsiderate behavior such as speaking loudly on the telephone, taking pictures, and taking videos.
  • * Please refrain from walking around the premises when you are using such equipment.

On taking pictures and recording

Please do not take pictures or record without our permission on hospital premises so we may protect the personal information of everyone.
For memorial photography of child birth, please make a request with the hospital staff in advance.

* Permitted photography is excluded