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Medical Health Center

Important Notice Regarding COVID-19

As part of our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we would like to request your understanding and cooperation on the following points:

1) Patients with symptoms cannot take checkups

You cannot receive your medical checkup if you have symptoms such as cough or body temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius (99.5 degrees Fahrenheit) or higher. For details, please carefully go through the documents sent to you by mail prior to the day of the medical checkup.

2) Please wear a mask

You must wear a mask at all times in this facility, and only may remove it if you are told to do so for a test.

3) Some services are temporarily suspended

Currently the ‘Pulmonary function test’ and ‘Result Consultation Services (where a doctor will review the test results with you)’ are not available. Still, fees for checkup courses remain unchanged and we appreciate your understanding.

4) Please measure your body temperature prior to your visit

You are requested to check your body temperature at home in the morning on the day of your visit to the facility. We will ask you to take your body temperature upon your arrival if you forgot to check it or do not have a thermometer at home.

5) Please use Medical Health Center direct access entrance

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, entry into the hospital building is restricted. Patients visiting the Medical Health Center are asked to use the direct access entrance when they enter and leave our facility. This entrance opens at 8:00 in the morning. Please maintain safe distance with other visitors if you need to wait until we open. The front door of the hospital also opens at 8:00 a.m., so please remember not to join the waiting line in front of the hospital entrance.

6) What we are doing to prevent infection

For details on infection control efforts at the Medical Health Center, please click here.PDF

Japanese medical dock (人間ドック) and regular health checkups / specific checkups

Information from our Medical Health Center

Information on retirement of overnight 2-day medical dock course

At the end of March 2017 we retired our overnight 2-day medical dock course offered to our patients since we opened our doors in 2002.

We still offer our outpatient medical dock course. Please opt for this course.

Information on a new optional examination

We will be offering the following new optional medical dock examinations.

Available from Optional examination
From October 2016 Cardiac functions examination (blood tests)
From November 2016 Thyroid functions examination (blood tests)
Bone metabolism marker(blood tests)
HPV examination
Allergy examination (blood tests)
Brain infarction risk marker (blood tests)
From March 2017 Simplified sleep apnea examination (SAS)

Information on general checkups

barium 21st Century is the age of preventive medicine. As challenged by the campaign "Health Japan 21 (健康日本21)" this era demands that we manage our own health. The need for medical dock examinations and health checkups to prevent (first order prevention) fatty internal organs syndrome (aka metabolic syndrome) which is a recent idea on lifestyle disease and need for early discovery of various diseases (second order prevention) are today a national movement. Tokyo Rinkai Hospital and Medical Health Center supports the health of our patients and offer a comfortable space outfitted with state of art facilities to provide general health checkups from our specialists under our philosophy "more comfort, more speed, more accuracy". As our Center links the electronic health checkup system to the electronic medical records system used at Tokyo Rinkai Hospital, important examination data over a lifetime of each and every one of our patients can be accessed and our patients can thus receive medical care at our hospitals quickly when needed.

Features of the Medical Health Center

A checkup system synchronized with the hospital's electronic medical records

This center uses a computerized checkup system. This makes changes over time in the examination images and health checkup results to be verified easily, and utilizes such information to discover diseases and anomalies. In addition, as this Center's systems are linked to the electronic medical records of Tokyo Rinkai Hospital located adjacent to this Center, health examination data and such will be utilized when patients are seen by physicians at Tokyo Rinkai Hospital even after their health checkups so that these patients can receive proper care.

Facilities for health checkups

Patients will receive physician examinations in a relaxed and safe atmosphere without running into other patients.

*Certain examinations will use a facility of the Hospital.

Medical Health Center
Medical Health Center
Medical Health Center
Medical Health Center

Description of the courses

Details on items of examination:

Outpatient medical dock examination

This is an efficiency course for busy persons who require a full battery of tests in a single day.

Brain medical dock A

This is a course to find any brain infarctions, brain aneurisms, brain tumors, and change and aging of the brain and is performed by a neurosurgeon. No options can be added to this course.

Regular health checkup A, available weekday afternoons

Physical measurements, blood pressure, vision, urine test, chest x-rays, medical questionnaire

*If you require color blindness test and vision test, please tell us.

Regular health checkup B, available weekday afternoons

Physical measurements (including waistline), blood pressure, vision, urine test, chest x-rays, blood tests, EKG, hearing test, medical questionnaire

Health checkup for employment, available weekday afternoons

This is an examination that is performed at time of employment in accordance with Industrial Safety and Health Act Article 43.

Gynecology examinations (cervical cancer examination, breast cancer examination)

Cervical cancer examination

Cervical cancer examination We perform transvaginal ultrasound examinations in addition to pelvic examinations and cervical cytology (endometrial cytology). This allows us to perform imaging diagnostics for ovarian and cervical lesions whose symptoms are difficult to notice which helps us to perform examinations with higher precision.

Gynecological examinations at this Center used to be performed as an optional examination to a medical dock course. Today you can receive a cervical cancer examination separately from a medical dock course.
If you wish to receive an examination, please contact our Center. Please however be aware that we have limits to how many patients we can see. (If you will only use this Center, your fee will be different from the optional examination fee.)

Breast cancer examination
Our Center performs both mammography (breast x-ray imaging) and breast ultrasound examinations. We improve early cancer detection rate by taking advantage of the benefits of each of these examinations. These examinations are performed by a qualified female technician.